Fit4You Vegan Excellence Protein

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Fit4You Vegan Excellence is a vegetable protein with 72% protein content combined with the highest quality rice, pea and cannabis without heat treatment, blended with the special natural Stevion sweetener, which has no effect on blood sugar and is also suitable for diabetics and active people suffering from various intolerances and with digestive problems. Additionally digestive enzymes, vitamin D3 and the taste of genuine Dutch cocoa are added.


Vegan čokoláda / choco 510gVegan čokoláda / choco 918g
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Why Fit4You Vegan Excellence?

Its regular use helps to regenerate the body, especially after physical exercise, builds high-quality natural muscle mass without fat, complements the body’s vital amino acids for its proper function, is easy to digest which results in relief of the digestive system and saving the body energy distribution of solid and poorly combined food such as rice meat and sweet dessert. It has a beneficial effect on maintaining the correct Ph in the body. Acidification of the body through improper nutrition, stress lifestyle results in rapid wear of the body, loss of vital minerals, for example in bones, and the emergence of a myriad of civilization diseases such as obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, ADHD syndrome, and the like.

Last but not least we would like to remind you that, if you care about the environment, switching to a plant diet or its partial inclusion in your diet with a reduced consumption of meat products greatly helps to reduce harmful effects such as degradation of arable land, the use of heavy chemicals and pesticides for cattle, taking up ever larger areas for growing food for consuming animals and the like.

Vegan and vegetarian lifestyle addresses more and more people for its many benefits, and it is more than likely that this trend will grow exponentially in the future.

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Vegan čokoláda / choco 510g, Vegan čokoláda / choco 918g


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